Covid-19 Return to Training

The purpose of this advice is to safeguard against the spread of the Covid-19 virus and it is based on Government guidance, Sport England’s directives and KUGB directives.

  • The club can have no more than 20 members attending a session. If the membership increases then members will need to pre-book sessions through the Clubz system.
  • If students have symptoms of Covid-19 they must not come to the Dojo and should arrange to be tested immediately.
  • Instructors will arrange training so that students maintain the social distance rule in all circumstances before, during and after training.
  • Doors will be kept open unless poor weather conditions do not allow for this.
  • Please enter the dojo through the main doors when instructed by the the instructor/assistant and remain socially distanced when waiting.
  • Exit through the fire exit doors onto School Lane. If parents/guardians are collecting please wait socially distanced in car park until informed that you can collect from the fire exit.
  • Instructors and students must arrive for training in their Gi prepared to train.
  • Hands must be cleansed with an alcoholic sanitiser gel before and after training.
  • Training shoes must be worn during training.
  • Those present must keep at least two metres apart both in and around the area of the Dojo.
  • Participants should not use Kiai, shout or exhale forcefully.
  • Basic Kumite may be practised in a specially adapted way in which the students wear face masks and still maintain the two-metre social distance rule. No physical contact is permitted.
  • All Instructors and students must have an up to date KUGB licence.